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Agile methodology

U.S. Army is in the midst of a significant restructuring of its program executive offices as it's working on building a secure unified network.
Spirit Realm, one of the newest USAF software factories, will support B-2 stealth bomber operational capability.
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309th SWEG is developing new IT and workforce programs to support broader DOD modernization efforts.
Modernized software development frameworks are leading to improved customer experience.
The agency's product line management vision is seeing value with new efforts driving culture change.
Kurt DelBene eyes EHR modernization, telehealth and workforce development.
The agency has undertaken a cultural shift to implement new shared data visualization efforts supporting its mission.
DOD acquisition officials highlight the value of MTA pathways for acquiring weapons systems.
Agile methodology will inform all Air Force priorities in 2022, including hybrid cloud and zero trust.
Kessel Run hopes its work will encourage more collaboration across the Defense Department.
DOD's IT modernization challenges warfighters to think beyond tactical skills.