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advanced data analytics

"On this battlefield, the most decisive commodity for improved sustainment is data," Maj. Gen. Mark Simerly said.
Digital twin technology, data and software tools play a leading role in helping the Defense Department meet its 2030 and 2050 climate strategy benchmarks.
Cybersecurity, AI and health IT are major focuses in this year's budget proposal.
"My job as the CIO is done when Army senior leaders can explain the Army Digital Transformation Strategy just as well as I," Iyer wrote announcing his departure from the Army.
The Pentagon's Chief Digital and AI Office will focus on enabling AI at the combatant command-level in 2023.
Complex data integration is helping researchers and clinicians understand the origins of TBI – and how to better treat it.
Public health researchers are developing methods for better detecting and predicting dangerous forms of cancer.
The data platform is helping enable fast decision-making and advanced analytics across the enterprise.
Technically focused wings of the federal government have begun investing in the computational resources needed to sort and analyze large quantities of complex data.
NCI's ANCHOR study discovered that early treatment of precancerous lesions can cut anal cancer rates by more than half in people with HIV.
As public sector organizations modernize, leadership ensures sophisticated IT enterprises facilitate data sharing that advances their core missions.
The agency is using its modernized enterprise to better oversee the allocation of funding for its various programs.
The Food and Nutrition Service is focusing on data before it scales AI and ML capabilities.
Refining and reviewing data models is essential for impactful application of artificial intelligence.
The Defense Department's newest office outlines its mission for assuring and transforming AI.
Agencies are supporting AI and data analytics projects through more advanced hybrid clouds.
The agency is modernizing business lines through a digitalization program that integrates data inputs into more reliable and easily accessible services.
Agencies are creating an in-house foundation of expertise and processes needed for advanced projects.
Federal agencies are focusing on data interoperability and knowledge-sharing partnerships to support increasingly advanced research initiatives.