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advanced data analytics

The agency is using its modernized enterprise to better oversee the allocation of funding for its various programs.
The Food and Nutrition Service is focusing on data before it scales AI and ML capabilities.
Refining and reviewing data models is essential for impactful application of artificial intelligence.
The Defense Department's newest office outlines its mission for assuring and transforming AI.
Agencies are supporting AI and data analytics projects through more advanced hybrid clouds.
The agency is modernizing business lines through a digitalization program that integrates data inputs into more reliable and easily accessible services.
Agencies are creating an in-house foundation of expertise and processes needed for advanced projects.
Federal agencies are focusing on data interoperability and knowledge-sharing partnerships to support increasingly advanced research initiatives.
The agency is endeavoring to guide its artificial intelligence capacities through a foundational integration of AI ethics principles.
The Maritime Security Center uses data modeling, radars and sensors to support homeland security missions.
ICE and USCIS have advanced their data strategies with automation over the past year.
A new center of excellence is employing emerging technologies to address domestic terrorism trends in the U.S.
Senior officials from DHS, DOJ and the FBI say smart data practices help them telework more efficiently.