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NITAAC Acting Director Brian Goodger explains next steps and updates to the $40 billion contract vehicle.
Dcode is one leader showing how iterative design and testing methods accelerates adoption of new technologies.
Bringing cutting-edge commercial cyber solutions to military partners quickly can help government's workforce gap while tackling pipeline challenges.
The Defense Department's IT support agency is taking a modernized and streamlined approach to tech contracting.
The final RFP for the $40 billion contract is due out early January.
DHS and the IRS use the technology to streamline IT operations.
Defense acquisition's top official brief next plans of certifying contractors according to new cybersecurity standards.
A GAO report found that the defense initiative is one of 16 top federal agency IT acquisition areas
The agency is overhauling its procurement methods to keep pace with IT transformation efforts.
Improving acquisition for Soraya Correa means enabling the agency to better serve its national security mission.
New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.
Cross-collaboration and changes to acquisition are key as priorities shift.
The former attorney discusses consolidating the multiple award schedule.
Public and private-sector efforts now have a tiered approach to cybersecurity controls.
NOAA is pushing ahead in digitization efforts to meet OMB M-19-21 electronic records requirements.
The milestone is opening doors of future blockchain-driven opportunities within the agency.
The agency's SAM consolidation is helping the agency improve acquisition and IT efficiencies until 2022.
Consolidating the multiple award schedule is a large feat, but will bring many efficiencies.
Further streamlining of federal procurement processes is likely to come in 2020.
DOD's AI center is helping GSA implement AI across government.