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The Office of Strategic Capital will develop strategies to increase capital flow to companies working on critical technologies important to national security.
Agencies including NARA, Commerce and State are tackling longstanding issues around shadow IT and decentralized systems.
GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan called sustainability investments a "triple win."
Key tools within the strategy include software bills of materials and data analytics.
The core of the shop's mission focuses on enhancing the service's development and acquisition amid DevSecOps transformation.
VA’s acquisition head says ‘Agile is old news,' and the agency is now turning to ‘technology-as-a-service.’
Agencies can access CIO-SP3 for orders until Oct. 31 as NITAAC preps to begin CIO-SP4 awards in November.
With nine projects underway, Pilot IRS is emerging as an avenue to procure key technologies quickly.
The President’s Management Agenda identifies IT and data as foundational tools for mission delivery.
CIO Jeff Shilling shares how cloud infrastructure is supporting data-sharing across the cancer research community.
The agency is creating a culture around cloud technologies.
Amid shifts in demands and increased digitalization, the IRS' procurement chief is overhauling the agency's acquisition culture.
Federal AI adoption emphasizes collaboration and efforts to develop objective data models.
Procurement innovation and access to digital services are some of the agency's immediate priorities.
The agency is driving adoption of emerging technologies through innovative IT contract vehicles.
Smart federal investments in technology and R&D are necessary for advancements in the digital era.
Smaller firms found plus sides of the remote environments in the competitive contracting space.
The newest branch of the Armed Forces is bolstering its mission through a dynamic approach to technology development.
Iteratively working with and for customers enables better solutions delivery, both in IT and acquisitions.
NITAAC Acting Director Brian Goodger explains next steps and updates to the $40 billion contract vehicle.