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Zero trust, AI and hybrid cloud were on the minds of defense tech leaders this year.
A national strategy on the spectrum outlines a role for the department to assign sections of its designated spectrum to the private sector.
DOD is accelerating 5G adoption to create the smart base of the future.
Cybersecurity and speed of deployment are two concerns around next-generation network capacities.
The service aims to harness younger generations in helping to reduce stigma and improve access to mental health support.
Increased capacity for critical information requires efficient and secure maintenance of systems.
On the anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine, military tech leaders are focused on improving communication between the sister services and allied partners without sacrificing cybersecurity.
Jorge Laurel unpacks NSA’s recently published document examining potential security threats to 5G.
Faced with the future of hybrid work, government is focused on uniting people and technology.
FutureG & 5G initiative is hastening 5G adoption across DOD and investment in NextG technologies.
With connectivity's critical role in data transfer and communication, combining wireless capabilities is critical.
Brian Kelley explains how he’s leveraging new models to secure 5G networks.
5G can bolster data-sharing and speed of delivery, but requires proper cloud and data infrastructure.
A new 5G enterprise platform is helping the agency function on an existing commercial infrastructure while maintaining the highest level of security.
The department is putting cybersecurity first in strategic next steps.
The department's national labs are developing new 5G capabilities.
The Navy is using ICAM and other tools to prepare its IT landscape for the new technology standard.
Defense officials described how zero trust, ICAM solutions, DevSecOps and common data standards will optimize JADC2 implementation.
The agencies examine 5G security risks, release best guidance to the public and help protect warfighter communications in a competitive landscape.
Zero trust continues to be a major hallmark of cloud security, which includes 5G networks.