Listen: Transforming Care for Women at Veterans Affairs

Listen: Transforming Care for Women at Veterans Affairs


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Season: 3
| Episode: 5
Health equity and inclusivity are driving how these VA leaders are advancing care for women veterans.
Dr. Patricia Hayes, Chief Officer for Women's Health, VA
Dr. Amanda Johnson, Director of Women's Reproductive Health, VA

The number of women veterans has tripled in the past 20 years, creating a need to provide care for women veterans and also enhance how the Department of Veterans Affairs serves them. Chief Officer for Women's Health Dr. Patricia Hayes, a psychologist by training, has made a career out of serving women. She brought more inclusive language to VA and instituted programs expanding how VA cares for women. Plus, Director of Women's Reproductive Health Dr. Amanda Johnson, an OB-GYN, has improved how VA serves women veterans in rural areas. Hayes and Johnson discuss how clinicians are modernizing workflows and systems to account for health equity.