Listen: How 5G and Wi-Fi Converge in Government Ops

Listen: How 5G and Wi-Fi Converge in Government Ops

Season: 5
| Episode: 16
With connectivity's critical role in data transfer and communication, combining wireless capabilities is critical.
Jim Rousseau, Director of Wireless Practice, ID Technologies
Chris "CT" Thomas, Technical Strategist, Dell Technologies
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Connectivity is an essential component to everything in our daily lives. 5G and Wi-Fi are key enablers for all missions including data access and sharing, data analytics, communication, file transfer, logistics and more. Both 5G and Wi-Fi have separate applications, but both are necessary to ensure seamless operations. ID Technologies and Dell Technologies are tackling this convergence opportunity in the federal government. Jim Rousseau and Chris "CT" Thomas join us to break down the differences between the two and what agencies need to know to integrate them both in an enterprise.

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