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IT Transformation

They hover around education, safety, citizen efficiency and adopting new technologies.

OTs are just another “arrow in your quiver,” not meant to replace traditional contracts.

We spotlight the change agents and what it takes to drive transformation in government.

Tech leaders and innovators will discuss how to best innovate in government.

How to get that carefully crafted functionality into end users’ hands

To stay on top of global AI adoption, U.S. needs to invest in research and talent.

Implementing orchestration frees up analysts’ time to respond to “sexier” alerts.

Q&A With Bill Webner, VP Federal for Capgemini Government Solutions

HHS’ Beth Killoran said it requires more industry-government partnerships.

An isolated environment allows iterative development, experimentation and fast feedback.

The department expands on its “Anywhere to Anywhere” health initiative.
Set aside the desire for certainty and instead adopt a discovery mindset.
Some agencies fail in data center consolidation and software license inventory.

Why wait until the end of the sprint to see if development is on track?

What's stopping CIOs and CTOs from realizing the potential of agile and DevOps?

These core capabilities should be in your CI process.