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IT Transformation

FDA is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accelerate scientific and regulatory decisions.

Technical advances are improving customer experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

One of the biggest barriers to successful DevOps and Agile processes is a lack of communication and organizational silos.

The agency is moving quickly toward a cloud-native model supported by an agile development framework.

AI and automation are helping the agencies streamline their cloud strategies.

The collaboration with Salesforce led to, a digital toolkit to help governments and organizations reopen.

Agencies passed FITARA 10.0 largely due to software licensing, Agile development and data center consolidation initiatives.

The agency is tackling data center consolidation, workforce upskilling, and modernizing its network.

CISO Wanda Jones-Heath says thinking about the service on an enterprise level will spur efficiency and innovation across DOD.

The agency is using technologies like virtual waiting rooms and automation to mitigate the increased traffic.

Leading the agency's DevSecOps practice requires addressing communication and culture challenges.

The pandemic has pushed mass reliance on technology across America, revealing the need for heightened and continued IT…

The Small Business Administration is among the agencies transforming legacy architecture.

Leadership is focusing on stabilizing legacy systems, the cloud, incremental change and Agile methodology.

DHS leaders cite use cases in data management and resiliency.

The agency plans to tackle research-data roadblocks through its STRIDES Initiative.

The defense organization is pushing new boundaries in its hiring and innovation practices.

An emphasis on cybersecurity boosts DHS from a D-minus to B FITARA score in half a year.

VA touts digital experience accomplishments and goals for the year ahead.

Connolly is responsible for shaping government-wide policy for a broad range of issues, including federal workforce and agency…

The design principles improve technology for veterans and those who serve veterans, such as with the agency's…

How the nation's largest health care provider manages security.

The FBI must strategize its IT modernization efforts while balancing crucial security responsibilities.

Beth Killoran demonstrated the ability to rapidly adapt to unexpected circumstances and customer needs.

For homeland security and trade agencies, moving from data centers to a hybrid cloud is part of the solution.

VA leader Bill James supports adopting modern technologies to support Agile efforts in development.

Some of the agency's challenges include modernization and recruiting top talent to meet cyber needs.

The office is focused on an integrated award environment and a common acquisition platform.

The agency is exploring ways to better deliver veteran care through emerging technologies.

New legislation and appropriations will streamline the acquisition process and give agencies needed funds for data center…