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IT Transformation

These measures can help operations embrace DevOps and their new role.

The bipartisan bill passed the House in November 2018, and its sponsors hope to get it passed in 2019.

Before a lunar landing, NASA is developing a reusable and open orbit architecture that requires more tech and collaboration.

The Federal CIO Authorization Act of 2018 creates a more direct IT reporting structure for CIO and CISO.

People, processes and technology remain a cross-sector theme.

Industry experts advise government agencies to weed out the fakes

Report says legacy infrastructure that can’t keep up with cloud needs.

But using a Technology Business Management method is helping.

It’s not every day the Homeland Security CIO offers you a job over Tex-Mex.

To make breakthroughs, it has to be adaptive and agile.

There are plenty of kinks to work out.

And to do so, it's taking a page from the startup world.

“You do not move to the cloud or buy new hardware so you can host legacy services. That doesn’t make sense,” says CIA’s Sean…

“We would be in a better position … if DOD led in the federal IT arena.”

There’s no shortage of legislation aiming to grant CIO more power.

Evaluation found usability and system latency concerns at testing sites, but feedback is all part of the plan.

Many small businesses think working for the government isn't “sexy.”

This bipartisan entity shut down 23 years ago.

The tech could help drastically increase airwave use, she says.

"If a large company comes and tells me they can solve all my problems, I think they can solve none."

What can be done to help the government reach the innovation community?

The department is in the middle of enterprisewide modernization initiatives.

The agency embraces open source, agile software development and DevOps.

How agencies can implement and benefit from agile integration

They hover around education, safety, citizen efficiency and adopting new technologies.

OTs are just another “arrow in your quiver,” not meant to replace traditional contracts.