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IT Transformation

Rob Wood's goals aim to uplift innovation, enablement, agility and flexibility.

As the agency leans into digital engagement with taxpayers, IRS web developers are embracing human-centered design and Agile…

A GSA IT modernization lead highlights importance of governance, security, training and more during all stages of cloud migration.

Public-private partnerships can enable federal agencies to streamline operations in the cloud.

Federal IT program and project managers argue that client engagement is critical to improving Agile processes.

As the amount of digital data continues to grow, e-discovery is reshaping how organizations manage information for legal…

VA’s acting deputy secretary discusses new innovations to support veterans and how VA will prepare for a post-COVID world.

DHS cyber leaders have a laundry list of items for federal CISOs to address.

Agile teaming and strategizing around data are driving success behind CMS's eMedicare initiative.

Technology is enabling the agency to broaden veteran commemoration ahead of Memorial Day.

Agile requires longstanding culture shifts and decisions rooted in data.

The Air Force, VA and NASA encourage communication, training and empowerment to better adoption of agile software development…

As cyber crime explodes, cyber experts and federal cyber leaders insist on systemic change.

Data readiness and cultural change are key to a successful AI program.

There are opportunities for workflow and process improvements for the system managing organ donations and transplantation.

Amid the latest FITARA hearing, lawmakers want agency CIOs to have more authority over crucial factors impacting IT modernization…

Technology improvements around data and benefits processing depend on having the infrastructure in place first.

Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.

ICE and TSA share lessons learned in data practices after migrating to the cloud.

The newest branch of the Armed Forces is bolstering its mission through a dynamic approach to technology development.

Migrating to the cloud securely does not have to hinder optimal workflows.

Iteratively working with and for customers enables better solutions delivery, both in IT and acquisitions.

Cyber officials discussed their priorities and what federal agencies should focus on this year.

Getting to interoperability standards is a journey, not a destination, and requires close collaboration with all parties.

The pandemic accelerated various IT modernization efforts across the agency, with a heavy emphasis on security.

A returning leader hopes to bring agile best practices from defense to procure technology faster.

Dcode is one leader showing how iterative design and testing methods accelerates adoption of new technologies.

The agency's multi-cloud environment is presenting lessons around security and application migration.

The Indian Health Service is looking at how tools like telehealth and EHRs will impact tribal populations long term.

Modular contracting can allow federal agencies to move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach in software development and delivery.