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IT Transformation

NNSA, an agency with one of the most sensitive missions in government, plans to deploy commercial cloud capabilities for…

Federal technology teams need to balance people, process and tech within the mission.

BYOD program will let soldiers and DOD civilians securely access government systems through their personal devices

The service is moving away from being network focused to being data centric.

The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.

Technology, processes, culture, training and funding hinder Air Force modernization efforts necessary to problem solve and stay…

Santucci breaks down the history of the DCOI program, which sunset from the FITARA scorecard after all agencies made an "A…

Lung cancer innovation at the agency is looking at technology to improve detection and treatment.

Cloud leaders at VA, NOAA and USCIS discuss the role of cloud in their strategies.

The service's upcoming efforts are honing in on advanced data management and analysis to expedite decision-making and joint…

The data platform is helping enable fast decision-making and advanced analytics across the enterprise.

As federal agencies' overall FITARA scores decline, the House Oversight and Reform Committee considers gaps in the scoring…

VA is using ridesharing capabilities to solve health care access challenges in rural communities.

FTC, U.S. Navy and VA are leveraging hybrid cloud environments to find new operational efficiencies.

DISA’s HaCC empowers the warfighter by delivering problem-solving capabilities via user-centered design.

The executive outlined how the service is prioritizing faster software development for modernized defense systems.

The agency is modernizing business lines through a digitalization program that integrates data inputs into more reliable and…

Join our senior researchers for key highlights on health tech infrastructure innovations and modernization.

The agency plans to modernize its major business processes, such as the claims payment system.

Many challenges in any tech modernization initiative is grappling with the business perspective.

Join our senior researchers for a look back at the year in federal IT.

VA is improving data management to enhance veteran health care and services.

VA has debuted a new management structure to streamline the implementation of its modernized electronic health records system.

The COVID-19 pandemic made the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency nimbler and more intentional about cloud management and remote…

The cloud empowers FEMA to address efforts around climate, resilience and readiness.

Successful IT adoption comes down to winning over your workforce.

FEHRM director unpacks lessons learned from 2021 and discusses how EHR leaders will use momentum to drive successes into the new…

Future iterations of the scorecard could include expanded cybersecurity and infrastructure categories.

VA is using 5G to move into the next phase of its health care modernization.

The agency is undergoing a cultural transformation to bring new digital experiences to the taxpayer.