IT Modernization

IT Modernization

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How Technology Can Modernize Government

GovernmentCIO Media proudly presents the View from the Top video series featuring interviews with a dozen technology leaders whose work and vision are transforming how the government delivers citizen services and meets its mission.

Federal IT executives share their perspectives on data analytics, reforming legacy systems, cloud computing, and how to reshape business processes to improve service lines and deliver a superior product.

IT leaders from HHS, SBA, Department of Agriculture, DHA, DHS, ICIT, FCC, and FDA discuss how CIOs should best adapt to public service, facilitate the adoption of new technology, and propel their agency’s modernization processes.

Technology and management experts from FCC, HHS, DHA, ICIT, DHS, the Marine Corps explain the essential differences between the private sector and public service - and the essential lessons and tools that private partners can provide the federal government.

Successful information security rests on understanding each agency’s core mission, as well as different tiers of classified information.
DHS is focused on synching IT reforms with the specific mission of each component agency.
NASS modernization strategy is focused on how to best improve and refine its annual agricultural census.
The FDA sees digital transformation as consisting of simultaneous technical and workforce reforms.
The agency sees making room for future technology as vital to successful digital transformation.
HHS CIO discusses the vital role the agency will take in overall U.S. government tech modernization.
HHS CTO Bruce Greenstein discusses agency plans to streamline services and incorporate new technology.
VA CISO discusses how to balance security with quality of services.
CIO, Marine Corps
Director of Military Health System at DHA