How to Set Up Your User Account

How to Set Up Your User Account

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We are excited to announce a refreshed membership experience—and it’s completely free!

Our goal is to improve your user experience and understand how to best serve you and deliver on our mission to keep you informed on technology’s impact on government.

What you’ll see:

The next time you visit the site and read an article after this change goes into effect February 1st you will be prompted to create your GovCIO Media & Research account.

What You'll See Screen

The account creation pop-up will prompt you to enter your personal information. For some returning website users, the fields will be pre-filled for you and we encourage you to update them with the newest information. At this stage, you will also be given the opportunity to select or re-select your email notification preferences. (This will also be available to do at any time on your account preferences page, which can be accessed from the new Account Preferences info bar at the top of every web page.) Selecting which products and newsletters you’d like to be notified about helps us clean up your inbox and provide you with a personally curated experience.

What You'll See Screen 2

Once you’ve completed the account creation form and selected your email preferences, you will be required to verify your email address via an email to your inbox with the subject line Action Required: Validate Your Account.

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Once you click the link provided in the email, you will be redirected to the password creation page.

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When you create and save your password, you’ll be directed back to the page you were on when you began the account set up. At this point, you’re all set! Once your free account has been created, you will have full access to all our editorial content and will be able to download exclusive eBooks, register for virtual events, and listen to podcasts all with a single click rather than filling out a form.

Thank you for being a member of our community
and enjoy this refreshed experience!