HHS CIO On Fostering Efficient Government

HHS CIO On Fostering Efficient Government

HHS CTO Bruce Greenstein discusses agency plans to streamline services and incorporate new technology.
Bruce Greenstein
CTO, Health and Human Services

For the Health and Human Services Department, modernizing IT isn’t just about the technology.

“It’s really about focusing on what the right business drivers are, to change the way that we deliver services, the way that we’re organized inside,” Bruce Greenstein said.

In a recent interview with GovernmentCIO Magazine, Greenstein said making the best use of technology and the incredible amount of data the department has means putting that data to use, and making a business of 79,000 people run more efficiently to better serve citizens.

And while industry has always played a big role in HHS, especially for an organization with a $1.1 trillion budget, Greenstein wants to engage the private sector in a more meaningful and robust way. He’s focusing on companies that don’t traditionally work with the government, and might not know how to bring to light their innovations.

“What we’re doing is trying to put a front door on HHS, to allow many parts of the private sector that are not working with us today to have an idea about our values and our priorities and our processes, to make it easier for them to interact with us,” Greenstein said. This is a change he expects we’ll see over the next few years.