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Combatting AI Bias in Defense

As the Defense Department ramps up AI development within its new Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO), defense AI leaders aim to limit biases, maintain ethical standards and develop algorithms responsibly. These leaders discuss the key principles to eradicate bias in defense data sets and data processes while maintaining warfighter trust and assurance to get ready for AI.


Hear how the DOD and Maximus are overcoming hurdles around developing ethical AI practices.


Enjoy the video below.

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James is a consultant for federal government leadership, specializing in digital transformation to improve the spend and security of interactions for citizens and government employees. He has a track record of successful allocating resources and fostering inter-disciplinary collaborations to meet agency objectives and sustain productivity.

Throughout his career James has focused on aligning technical solutions and mission challenges. He is an expert in cloud computing, application modernization, information management, and agile methodologies. His ability to effectively communicate the value of innovative technical solutions has led to increased understanding and adoption among stakeholders.

James is also a recognized thought leader on emerging technology in the federal government. He provides a practical approach to deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how to gain insights from mission data. He also advises how to use technology and automation to meet service demands and adjust to workforce availability.

Vice President, Technology Consulting Services, Maximus

Dr. Matthew Kuan Johnson is the Senior Technical Advisor in Responsible AI (RAI) at the US Department of Defense’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO). His team is tasked with the development of tools, guidance, and best practices to support Responsible AI and the DoD AI Ethical Principles across the Department, as well as bringing together the DoD community and beyond in this area. Dr. Johnson’s background is in philosophy and cognitive science, having earned a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (as a Gates Cambridge Scholar), as well as an MPhil in Social Psychology from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Cognitive Science from Yale University. Previously, he consulted for Google AI, was a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, and led data-driven DEI work at the University of Cambridge.

Senior Technical Advisor in Responsible AI, CDAO, DOD
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