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Government Innovation Hubs Panel


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The panel discussed progress at some of the top government innovation hubs to attract new technology companies to government work.

Leaders from GSA's 18F, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security spoke on a panel about the innovation hubs attracting new technology companies to government work.

Angela Colter, acting executive director of 18F at the General Services Administration, Sanjay Koyani, executive director for Innovation at HHS, and Nadia Carlsten, director of Commercialization at the Science & Technology Directorate at Homeland Security joined the panel.

Colter leads 18F,  the organization stood up by GSA to partner with federal agencies to build and buy digital services that improve the user experience of government. Koyani oversees new approaches like code-a-thons and accelerators to engage new tech companies to tackle Health and Human Services challenges. Carlsten leads the Transition to Product program in the Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate where her team introduces cybersecurity research done in DHS labs to commercial companies