Digital Services: Health IT

Digital Services: Health IT

Digital Services Health IT
Digital Services Health IT
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IT modernization across government has led to widespread improvement in the delivery of services, including the development of digital services that have helped expand the availability and scope of care. Hear from federal executives on how their agencies are guiding digital transformation to address the healthcare needs of both individual patients and the American public at large.

September 16, 2021
11:00 am
Virtual event
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Digital Services Health IT





Opening Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research

Fireside Chat: Leveraging the Future of Federal Health with Digital Tech

With federal health programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Veterans and Military Health, and more on the rise in services this year, keeping up with the technology and digital services will be the key to unlocking the health vision of the new administration. This keynote will highlight a top-level leadership perspective bridging mission goals of federal health with the technological needs that will make it happen.

  • Xavier Becerra, U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services*

COVID-19 Screening and Pandemic Safety

Health-focused agencies have helped address the COVID-19 pandemic through developing screening tools and data sharing designed to help prevent viral spread. Hear from developers and agency leaders who have created digital tools for helping keep patients, federal employees and the general public safe.

  • Dr. ShaAvhree Buckman-Garner, Director, Office of Translational Sciences, FDA*
  • Dr. Sophia Califano, Deputy Chief Consultant for Preventative Medicine, Veterans Health Administration
  • Kristen Honey, Chief Data Scientist and Senior Advisor, HHS

Digital Services and Health Care Enrollment

Medicare, Medicaid, and the healthcare marketplace have been in the spotlight this past year as individuals have sought coverage amid COVID-19 and as the Biden administration has looked to strengthen federal health programs. Amid this ramp up, how are federal agencies looking to create robust digital platforms, interoperability and resources to make these changes and incoming open enrollment successful? This panel will share what they’re doing to succeed.

  • Kevin Duvall, Acting Chief Data Officer, HHS*
  • Jeff Grant, Deputy Director of Operations, CCIIO, CMS*
  • Hannah Pyper, Digital Services Expert, USDS at CMS*

Wearables and Precision Medicine

Wearables and portable technology has enabled both patients and clinicians to track real-time health data to make data-driven, personalized decisions in medical and mental health care. This panel will discuss the future of precision and personalized medicine through patient data, digital health, and wearable technology.

  • Joshua Denny, Director, All of Us Program, NIH*
  • Sumitra Muralidhar, Director, Million Veteran Program, VA*
  • Worta McCaskill-Stevens, Director, Community Oncology Research Program, NCI*

Closing Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research