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CyberScape Health Care
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The COVID-19 pandemic made health IT more vulnerable than ever as cyberattacks on hospitals, public health organizations and research initiatives soared. This event will highlight the ways federal health IT leaders are securing their networks and sensitive information, and also look back on cyber lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 24, 2021
11:00 am
Virtual event
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Opening Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research

Fireside Chat: Coordinating the Federal Cyber Response for Public Health

Congress can help public health organizations set the tone for health IT security, which is more crucial than ever as medical devices become more connected and ransomware attacks multiply. We'll address how Congress can work alongside health IT leaders to improve cybersecurity for public health.

  • Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.)*

IoT and Medical Device Security

As more hospitals and doctors deploy medical devices to serve patients, those devices face increasing cybersecurity risks from bad actors looking to manipulate software through unsecured network connections. Hear from cyber leaders at the VA and FDA about how they’re addressing these risks while keeping pace with health IT innovation.

  • Julia Marders, Associate Director for All-Hazards Readiness, Response Cybersecurity, FDA*
  • Gavin O'Brien, Computer Scientist, NIST*
  • Marc Wine, Senior Advisor, VA*

Protecting Medical Data from Ransomware and Theft

Ransomware attacks skyrocketed in recent years, and hospitals are a prime target, suffering hundreds of millions of dollars in damages every year. Federal health IT and cyber leaders are uniquely positioned to address these ransomware challenges. This panel will draw insight from CMS, the VA and more.

  • Rob Kolasky, Lead, National Risk Management Center, CISA*
  • Kevin Robins, Director, Cybersecurity Operations Center, VA*
  • Rob Wood, CISO, CMS

Looking Back: Vaccine Research and COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an onslaught of cyberattacks against federal and private health organizations across the U.S. as they ramped up services to battle the virus and develop a vaccine. Cyber-focused officials from CISA, HHS, and the VA will look back on their COVID-19 response to cyber threats and discuss lessons learned and how the pandemic shapes health IT cyber policy going forward.

  • Amy Frontz, Deputy IG, Audit Services, Office of the Inspector General, HHS*
  • Matt Hartman, Deputy Executive Assistant Director, CISA*
  • Rachel Ramoni, Chief Research and Development Officer, VA*

Closing Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research