AI Gov: Future of RPA

AI Gov: Future of RPA

Future of RPA
AI Gov: Future of RPA
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Robotic process automation has the potential to streamline business processes, reduce manual and time-intensive labor and drive efficiencies across the enterprise. This event strives to examine how smart RPA applications are increasing productivity and driving federal agency missions forward, from medical research and development to acquisition processes to IT maintenance.

June 9, 2021
11:00 am
Virtual event
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AI Gov: Future of RPA



Opening Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research

Fireside Chat: Streamlining Clinical Trials and Medical R&D with RPA

Making progress in medicine is process-heavy, often filled with paperwork, processes, and obstacles. From setting up randomized clinical trials or patient-matching, to undergoing a regulatory submissions process, drug development, clinical trials and medical research and development could accelerate more quickly and accurately with RPA processes in place to streamline these activities. This keynote will discuss the opportunities that RPA hold for the future of medical research and clinical trials, and what that future looks like for public health.

  • Gerard Badorrek, CFO, GSA*

Automating Hiring and Workforce Development

Hiring and retaining workers across federal agencies has been a challenge agencies have worked to long overcome. How can sharpening the hiring process with RPA and automations and help agencies develop a more robust and improved workforce? Our panels of officials will provide insight.

  • Ed Mays, Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management, CBP*
  • Tiffany Patterson, Human Capital & Business Management Staff Director, CMS*
  • Dina Thompson, Acting Administrator, Contracting and Procurement, TSA

Getting to Better Business Processes with RPA

Heavily manual processes cost federal agencies many hours and dollars in cost. Fortunately, officials are looking to automate business manual processes to drive efficiency and productivity across their organizations. This panel will discuss those opportunities for RPA applications to improve internal processes and mission across the federal space.

  • Derek Herbert, Claims Intake Director, VBA*
  • Rachael Martin, Mission Director, Business Process Transformation Mission Initiative, JAIC, DOD*
  • Heidi Myers, Deputy CIO, ICE*
  • Harrison Smith, Co-Director, Enterprise Digitalization and Case Management Office, IRS*

RPA for Improved IT Management and Security

RPA can automate certain IT processes, including forms development, security and compliance processing, network monitoring and records management. With such a variety of opportunities, how are agencies looking to smooth over IT management and security activities with RPA tools and bots? These officials will tell us how.


Closing Remarks