Enhancing Defense Health Systems with IT

Enhancing Defense Health Systems with IT

Col. Kevin Seeley
CIO, Defense Health Agency

The Defense Health Agency was created to be a shared services organization, and plans to improve its service delivery system with the help of IT and emerging technologies.

We sat down with Col. Kevin Seeley, acting director of the Health Information Technology Directorate at DHA, to talk about how he sees the agency and IT supporting the course of mission for the Defense Department.

“We are undergoing a massive transformation in the Defense Health Agency to bring the components of the services together to deliver a more integrated system of readiness and health,” Seeley said.

And as DHA designs the digital foundation to support better access to care, Seeley said he’s even anticipating artificial intelligence and how it’s currently being used in the health care industry. Eventually, he said AI will make its way to DHA to help with clinical decision support for patients and providers.