DOD Tech Modernization Requires Starting With the Workforce

DOD Tech Modernization Requires Starting With the Workforce

AFWERX is partnering with Dcode to transform tech culture.

AFWERX Spark Cell Director Garrett Custons and Dcode Senior Program Manager Riya Patel discuss the cultural foundations that go into technology modernization. 

AFWERX is nestled under the Air Force Research Lab and works to transition agile, affordable and accelerated capabilities and technologies through a teaming approach. Under the organization's Spark Cell program, the team collaborates with industry and academia to execute various initiatives that introduce and scale innovation in the Air Force — such as leveraging artificial intelligence to transform aircraft maintenance procedures.

The partners are collaborating to transform the Defense Department's culture and aim to bring the best practices from the private sector to government. AFWERX recently awarded Dcode a five-year contract to develop things like acquisition strategy and technology integration support to the agency.

Custons detailed various upskilling and reskilling training programs that are helping servicemembers gain valuable experience in private industry best practices. These efforts are ensuring both the Air Force and DOD are setting the right foundations for emerging technologies to thrive.