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Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.

Federal CIO Suzette Kent described the fund's potential to drive federal IT innovation.

With a senior-level AI position on the horizon, the agency explores opportunities and legal questions around the technology.

Small businesses are a crucial part to development next-generation cancer technology.

How the nation's largest health care provider manages security.

The agency has outlined a dedication to fostering technical advances through a methodical approach to IT.

An upcoming tool currently in beta will streamline the processes for users filing and monitoring patent applications.

Treating security like a business function encourages agency leads to get involved early on.

One year since the launch of the redesigned, VA continues to improve the digital experience.

The agency's success in leveraging Totara Learn demonstrates the promise of open-source software.

A leader behind the relaunch discusses his company's digital services efforts at the VA.

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing offer great capabilities, but the federal government needs support from industry to…

The funder of science research has a vested interest in the future of technology.

The Career Compass Challenge is one way the agency is hoping to leverage advanced technology.

Understanding the importance of Agile and DevOps frameworks.

Genomic sequencing requires crucial data management practices that include cloud and high-performance computing.

VA leader Bill James supports adopting modern technologies to support Agile efforts in development.

Provisioning and deployment of support are initiatives VA hopes to influence reform in other agencies.

Mobility is one of the most important factors to consider in law enforcement technology.

The agency's first-ever director of artificial intelligence lays out ambitious plans to leverage AI toward improved care.

The agency is exploring ways to better deliver veteran care through emerging technologies.

The newly inducted software executive will lead service initiatives to develop software more quickly.

Data and technology are at the heart of the research institute's approach to treating cancer.

The agency's push toward an agile culture spans multiple efforts include tech modernization and a skilled workforce.

USPTO leader talks how data analytics and cloud efforts are making strides at the agency.

The VA enterprise cloud streamlines agency services and fosters advances in big data analysis and machine learning.

Leads from innovators and fast followers discuss implementing cutting-edge technologies and practices.

A pathway to government IT is not always rooted in technology.

Culture and emerging tech play a large role in DevOps efforts at the agency.

Newly released Digital Compensation Claims Tool signals an era of innovation at the agency.