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Automation tools can support decision-making and should complement the workforce.

Emerging data and technology drives new health recommendations to address disease and preventive services.

Creating a more digitally driven agency requires close consideration of policy and technology to automate processes and…

NIDDK Director Dr. Griffin Rodgers talks COVID-19, disparities in health, and top priorities at the institute.

Various modernization initiatives to improve public health have pivoted as a result of the pandemic.

Federal cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of capabilities like zero trust to prevent future breaches.

VA, USCIS and CMS tech leads are streamlining processes in an effort to enhance security practices.

HCD is improving CMS's tools for cloud cost transparency and operational excellence.

The Administration for Community Living is leveraging data to train AI algorithms that deliver a greater insight into adult…

The Jackson Heart Study is getting to the heart of how to bridge medical disparities in African American cardiovascular health.

The cloud is fueling data functions across the institute's research community.

Stillman College is promoting the role of HBCUs in bridging divides in American health care and research.

Similar to RPA, intelligent process automation enables applications for faster decision-making and processing.

A day in the life of an OpenShift developer.

The agency's tech leads saw operational efficiencies in a reorganized IT infrastructure that is adaptable to change.

Support for cancer research could see boosts in the new presidential administration.

A day in the life of an OpenShift operations expert.

Knowledge-building is essential for organizational adoption of artificial intelligence and DevOps practices.

HHS and VA officials are looking to holistic, cloud-based capabilities to get more out of their data.

The department has been recognized this year for successes in cloud and telework.

Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.

Unlocking the benefits of the cloud requires close monitoring of security priorities.

A multi-cloud environment is critical to supporting beneficiaries and agency operations.

Migrating to the cloud requires hybrid, multi-cloud software, platforms and environments.

A rapidly shifting cyber threat landscape requires continuous verification of cloud infrastructure, especially as cloud adoption…

As agencies look to replace legacy systems with the cloud, zero trust has risen as a best cybersecurity practice

Federal health agencies and organizations are looking toward cloud-based architectures

High-level perspective on ongoing priorities in data management and cloud security.

Government executives recognize that process reorganization is necessary for leveraging new technologies.

Cloud-based environments and capabilities have been a key part of Maria Roat's approach.