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CVP Director on the benefits automation can bring to clinical workflows.

The Global Emancipation Network deploys data-driven tools to stop exploitation and abuse.

Experts tell Congress how the technology can drive costs down, while boosting security and operations.

VA is moving to DevSecOps as part of its overall Digital Transformation Strategy.

The plan aims to leverage quality electronic health data and advance an IT architecture.

A layered defense approach won’t work anymore — zero trust is necessary as the Defense Department moves to the cloud.

Cloud innovators are enabling companies and federal agencies to fully leverage artificial intelligence and complex analytics in…

Leadership is focusing on stabilizing legacy systems, the cloud, incremental change and Agile methodology.

The agency's annual report shows initiatives driven by digital services, data and IT improving national health research and…

A multi-cloud environment can help government achieve greater efficiencies in data management practices.

A GAO report highlights policy areas as the FDA considers regulatory rules around the technology.

President Trump noted several areas of accomplishments, including VA reforms and research efforts.

Helping researchers answer most pressing questions in health advancements with machine-learning.

The CIO pitches a strategy to uniformly modernize an otherwise federated and globally dispersed agency.

Early use cases create secure connections for branch offices and remote users.

A working group's recommendations for artificial intelligence can propel biomedical research.

Robotic process automation can allow federal workers to perform more meaningful work.

Further streamlining of federal procurement processes is likely to come in 2020.

The agency plans to tackle research-data roadblocks through its STRIDES Initiative.

Although emerging technologies can benefit the economy, experts argue for diverse solutions to protect workers.

Health agencies point to a need for modernized IT infrastructure and data-driven decisions.

The agency's new initiative incorporates AI and machine-learning capabilities to advance health research.

Using a user-centered focus to deliver value directly to the warfighter.

IT leaders recommend identifying use cases to apply the technology.

The department is committed to applying breaking methods in data analytics to further HHS’ public health missions.

Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.

Federal CIO Suzette Kent described the fund's potential to drive federal IT innovation.

With a senior-level AI position on the horizon, the agency explores opportunities and legal questions around the technology.

Small businesses are a crucial part to development next-generation cancer technology.

How the nation's largest health care provider manages security.