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Ensuring quality long-term telework capabilities and eligibility must start with the technological foundation.

As weather patterns change rapidly, the federal agency looks to update data for its flood analysis more quickly and efficiently.

The services are trying to gain insight into their data with automation to make improvements across the enterprise.

The agency is using cloud services and other resources to help researchers access data and meet virtually.

The demands of a remote workforce have put renewed emphasis on instating zero trust and secure cloud access.

Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.

Accelerating biomedical research involves implementing collaborative digital solutions at NIH.

CISA and NSA provide guidance for how federal agencies can address critical vulnerabilities in their networks.

AI is helping to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of funds.

CBP is using an integrated cloud approach in support of the national security mission across its agencies.

Data-sharing tools enable the agency to collaborate across the enterprise.

Effects of the pandemic on the workforce are pushing the Air Force's digital modernization efforts.

Cloud technology unlocks many benefits for health researchers across government.

Federal leaders reflect on the benefits of cloud for ongoing telework capabilities.

Getting a handle on data strategies in cloud and multi-cloud environments can ensure efficient automation.

Federal CIOs hope to maintain telework capabilities, as well as cloud and scalable solution adoption in a post-pandemic work…

Rich Haley's priorities include data management and cloud computing for unique mission needs.

New telework challenges present opportunities for long-term improvements.

The multi-cloud, DevOps-oriented approach is working to improve military health delivery during the pandemic.

The agency is using technologies like virtual waiting rooms and automation to mitigate the increased traffic.

Increasing bandwidth early let the agency's workforce easily adjust to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New research suggests cross-functional teams and emerging tech can improve government acquisition.

National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.

Cross-collaboration and changes to acquisition are key as priorities shift.

Innovative approaches to DevSecOps include mimicking the real development space to anticipate problems.

Artificial intelligence is one component the agency is hoping to streamline acquisitions and beyond.

Cloud-based HR solutions are especially important to maintain workforce across government during telework.

Leading the agency's DevSecOps practice requires addressing communication and culture challenges.

Using a digital twin increases development velocity while breaking down silos.

The website is more important now than ever as it undergoes various modernization efforts.