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Replacing repetitive tasks with automation can repurpose feds to higher-value work.

The Department of Health and Human Services aims to transform business processes with artificial intelligence in new request for…

Research and AI programs are approaching a standstill while funding for the U.S. federal government has lapsed.

This year, industry saw many technologies like AI and cybersecurity at work in the federal sphere and beyond.

Designing website applications is not innovative, but necessary, federal health IT officials say.

DoD looks to build artificial intelligence programs on top of new cloud program.

Industry experts advise government agencies to weed out the fakes

Report says legacy infrastructure that can’t keep up with cloud needs.

The race for global leadership in innovation depends on investment and international collaboration.

Gartner projects that governments will adopt private cloud at twice the rate of public cloud.

And the genuine enthusiasm behind securing government systems.

It taps sun and wind to let craft fly longer.

Airborne automobiles are “major economic and transportation opportunity that U.S. must lead," NASA official says.

Google missed an opportunity to say no, with clear consequences.

Advanced analytics and cloud-based sharing technologies can put available opioid-related data to use.

“You do not move to the cloud or buy new hardware so you can host legacy services. That doesn’t make sense,” says CIA’s Sean…

A cloud environment is just another data center with minimal controls; it’s the security stacks that matter.

Govies show the riskiest behavior in social media use, physical security and mobile computing.

Agencies can submit modernization project proposals, but will be competing for funds.

The agency embraces open source, agile software development and DevOps.

USDS is transforming online federal services, but hopefully it won’t do that forever.

To no surprise, people want online engagements to be as seamless as commercial websites.

Concerns remain about safety, cyberattacks and testing exemptions.

CIOs should start small and focus on augmentation.

The team is working in six agencies on 30 products, but its door is still open for 2018.