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The Army and SOCOM use modern technologies to protect, maneuver and fight at the most secure levels on base and in the field.

Modeled after DOD's Platform One, a new enterprise-class hosting service is enabling faster development.

A newly created role overseeing the agency's medical device office is tackling evolving health priorities.

The cloud empowers FEMA to address efforts around climate, resilience and readiness.

With nine projects underway, Pilot IRS is emerging as an avenue to procure key technologies quickly.

Join our senior researchers for a recap of our most recent virtual event.

The institute's BioData Catalyst program is live for researchers to access and share data.

The acquisition is one of the health IT sector’s largest buys.

The agencies examine 5G security risks, release best guidance to the public and help protect warfighter communications in a…

A lab within the Department of Housing and Urban Development is exploring how automation can impact financial and recruiting…

Smarter modernization, data, automation, as well as customer and digital services will see the spotlight in 2022.

Low code and other cloud capabilities are used throughout DOD to ease transformation of digital services development.

Foundational development in data quality can enable improved financial workflows and accountability through automation.

The IRS procurement chief is focusing on skilling and culture change for successful RPA adoption.

Automation programs are improving business processes and workforce productivity.

'As-a-service' models are enabling a digital-first modernization strategy.

Agencies are working with their users to determine which technologies will improve the digital experience.

The executive was also instrumental in overseeing various data and cloud initiatives at USDA.

Security threats facing next-generation networks need proactive approaches amid cybersecurity and digital modernization…

As federal agencies embark on larger cloud transformation programs, government technology leaders are paying attention to the…

CIO Jeff Shilling shares how cloud infrastructure is supporting data-sharing across the cancer research community.

Federal IT leaders highlight benefits of cloud, lessons learned and the role of software-as-a-service in the future.

The office is transforming how IRS employees engage with taxpayers.

Automation, eDiscovery and cloud are improving records management in digital environments.

The agency is looking at new tools that are supporting both content and program management.