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The agency's Operations Triage Group is leveraging data and AIOps to detect and mitigate abnormalities across the agency’s…

VA is driving innovative research to provide more effective, less invasive means of both detecting and managing diabetes.

Tackling government's biggest data challenges requires honing in on data.

An NCI study examines the crossroads between cancer and COVID-19 diagnoses.

AI leaders are making AI more accurate, accessible and equitable.

DISA’s HaCC empowers the warfighter by delivering problem-solving capabilities via user-centered design.

A new effort is taking extracted data from IOT devices to a build a health data ecosystem for the military.

Identity and automation are supporting military personnel amid zero trust architecture implementation, but a skilled workforce is…

Data is providing the framework that will help modernize and poise the Army to conduct operations at the tactical edge. 

Agencies are supporting AI and data analytics projects through more advanced hybrid clouds.

The Army is embracing data literacy training to empower personnel to leverage data.

The command is assessing new technologies to improve capabilities, automate processes and eliminate technical debt.

The command is calling on partners to help connect data, build cloud infrastructure and modernize security solutions.

Commercial cloud-hosted collaboration tools will be a critical component for JADC2.

VA’s acquisition head says ‘Agile is old news,' and the agency is now turning to ‘technology-as-a-service.’

The agency is modernizing business lines through a digitalization program that integrates data inputs into more reliable and…

The agency follows a collection of guiding principles that include secure and modernized systems to accomplish an extensive data…

The agency is using capacities like RPA to expedite FOIA review, decreasing the time between request and document release.

DISA and the Air Force invest in emerging technology to enhance user experience and maintain a secure network.

Human capital management improvements at the agency are enabling cost and time savings for the workforce.

A product line management approach is ensuring better use of resources and cost savings across the agency.

Automation has played a key role in helping improve cybersecurity processes, but workforce constraints still hamper efforts.

The agency is using record digitization and process automation to streamline its FOIA process and empower its workforce.

DHS embraces automation on zero trust journey as they continually make efforts to provide their mission space with the…

Join our senior researchers for key highlights on health tech infrastructure innovations and modernization.

Data leader Susan Gregurick discusses how the agency is improving data sharing and usability for biomedical research.

A new kind of collaboration allowed to host 100 million unique digital users per hour.

Digitization and digitalization are two related areas enabling new projects and adoption of emerging technologies.

VA is automating the verification of health claims through using an integrated data model that combines both service records and…

Amid data challenges, CDC and ONC are working to modernize and drive interoperability.