Digital Health Modernization panels

Digital Health Modernization panels

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) joins us for a fireside chat. Also, hear from Ivor D'Souza (NIH), Kevin Duvall (HHS), and Dr. Andrew Gettinger (HHS) on democratizing public health data, moderated by GovernmentCIO's own Jason Chong. In addition, Paolo del Vecchio (SAMHSA), Dr. Simon Pincus (DHA), and Jose Ramos (Wounded Warrior Project) tackled the issue of transforming mental health care services, with GovernmentCIO's Orjiugo Hourihan assisting as moderator. The event was rounded out with Col. Bobby Saxon (CMS) and Jessica Weeden (USDS), on a panel moderated by Andrew Underhill, with GovernmentCIO, discussing updating legacy systems.

Welcome Remarks

  • Michael Hoffman, President, GovernmentCIO Media & Research

Fireside Chat

  • Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), Ranking Member, House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health
  • Moderator: Erin Mirsky, Senior Vice President, GovernmentCIO

Democratizing Public Health Data in the Federal Government

Data is extremely valuable for making well-informed decisions, but sharing data across government and with the public is challenging due to complex silos. How are agencies looking to improve the speed and efficiency of health data collection and management for timely public health responses, while also promoting public trust, patient privacy, and secure access to that data?

  • Ivor D'Souza, CIO, National Library of Medicine, NIH
  • Kevin Duvall, Acting Deputy CDO, HHS
  • Dr. Andrew Gettinger, Chief Clinical Officer, ONC, HHS
  • Moderator: Jason Chong, Director of Data Strategy & Analytics, GovernmentCIO

Transforming Mental Health Care Services with Tech

COVID-19 has created a lot of stress for people, exacerbating symptoms for individuals with previously diagnosed health conditions, but has also amplified worry, anxiety and loneliness for those without prior histories of mental illness. Remote counseling services and expanded telehealth reimbursement policies, however, have proven vital for the health, safety and wellbeing of many during this time. In this panel, you’ll hear from federal health officials on how they’re addressing mental health issues, including substance abuse and suicide prevention, and how technology can help improve access and quality of care.

  • Paolo del Vecchio, Director of the Office of Management, Technology, and Operations (OMTO), SAMHSA
  • Dr. Simon Pincus, Chief, Connected Health Branch, DHA
  • Jose Ramos, Vice President of Government and Community Relations, Wounded Warrior Project
  • Moderator: Orjiugo Hourihan, Vice President, GovernmentCIO

Updating Legacy Systems for Public Health Responses

The need for investments in modern infrastructure for timely public health responses has never been more apparent than today. Hear from federal health officials on how agencies are working with agility to upgrade their systems and process to better serve the public.

  • Col. Bobby Saxon, Deputy CIO, CMS
  • Jessica Weeden, Designer and Project Lead for Medicare Payment System Modernization, USDS
  • Moderator: Andrew Underhill, CTO, GovernmentCIO