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Leaders from VA outline their targets for upcoming contracts and explain the next steps in the pipeline.

Leaders from the Army and VA outline how they’re modernizing their IT systems to streamline talent management.

The Defense Department is on a path to achieve a target level zero trust by 2027, but the implementation process will be arduous…

Defense tech leaders at TechNet Cyber 2023 explain how JWCC will build upon the military departments' ongoing cloud efforts…

DOD CIO John Sherman outlines his IT priorities this year.

DOD wants more visibility into the commercial cloud service provider side, rather than just the customer side.

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences is facilitating cloud to provide secure data to researchers, address…

A new hiring strategy and evolving tech modernization is enhancing the employee and veteran experience.

Catch up on the federal health IT trends over the past year and what to expect at this year’s conference.

The National Cancer Institute highlights the collaborative tools and initiatives for improved screening, treatment and outcomes…

Defense cyber leaders are honing in on cloud modernization challenges, JWCC and zero trust.

The use of unauthorized technology has become increasingly prevalent in the remote work environment, weakening cybersecurity.

Air Force and CISA programs are securing critical data and IT infrastructures.

Social Security Administration Acting Chief Business Officer Eric Powers explains the redesigned site and discusses tech…

The agency is creating new workforce efficiencies for DOD’s new cloud computing era.

DISA leadership brief how partnerships will impact new cloud efforts.

Air Force software factory Kessel Run replaced the 609th Air Operations Center's legacy IT battle management system with its…

2023 will bring advancements across enterprise-wide initiatives such as the PACT Act, EHRM and more.

The newly awarded Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) dovetails with other cloud efforts across the Defense Department.

The agency has stood up its systems to accommodate an influx in claims and services. Now it looks for additional workforce to…

The National Institutes of Health's STRIDES Initiative wants to enable all researchers to share and use data in the cloud.

VA Deputy CIO Reggie Cummings discusses how infrastructure operations (IO)-as-a-service streamlines VA systems and services.

The joint force needs transformational computing technologies to achieve JADC2.

With legacy systems in place, agencies are starting to use DevOps to ease the shift to new IT systems.

Federal agencies can cultivate the right partnerships to optimize IT modernization efforts.

This special Thanksgiving-themed episode dives into key initiatives in government technology.

AI and edge computing could help service members in combat zones endure through difficult circumstances.

New process efficiencies in automation and cybersecurity will enable increased processing of PACT Act claims.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough provided updates on critical initiatives, including the PACT Act and VLM, at the NPC Headliners…

A series of research initiatives use artificial intelligence to better understand the long-term impacts of traumatic brain injury.