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The Intersection of Data Strategy and Modernization

Agencies require new approaches to make data shareable and actionable across the government enterprise. With data at the center of their operations, officials are having to adjust to a more data-centric approach to management. Inside, learn more about:

  • The ways federal agencies are improving patient care by making data shareable, actionable and manageable.

  • How government is balancing the data and security needs in adopting practices governing artificial intelligence and large language models.


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Table of Contents

Government Agencies Leverage AI Tools and Large Language Models

Generative AI tools are powerful, officials note, but can come with a series of challenges.


How the CDC is Prioritizing Data Modernization

Launched in 2020, the CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative is an effort to bring together health data across public and private partners. The DMI prioritizes five pillars at the center of modernizing core data across the federal and state public health landscape.


Centering Data to Make it Usable and Actionable

Modernization efforts can depend on the ways organizations implement governance and emerging technology.
Matthieu Jonglez, VP Technology, Application & Data Platform – Progress | MarkLogic


Health Leaders Target Data Exchange to Improve Patient Care

Health IT leaders from SSA, FEHRM and VA discuss challenges and next steps for cross-government health data interoperability.

Deep Dive


Lt. Col. Joseph Chapa
Lt. Col. Joseph Chapa
Chief Data and AI Officer, U.S. Department of the Air Force

Amanda Cournoyer is the director of data and interoperability for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office (EHRM-IO). 

In this role, she is responsible for VA EHRM-IO’s strategic planning, coordination, and execution of technical solutions across the electronic health record (EHR) ecosystem to ensure and enhance interoperability for intra-agency, interagency and external partners integrated health information technology capabilities for secure exchange, access, and use of accessible electronic health information, as authorized under applicable state and federal laws, at the point of care. 

As a U.S. Navy Veteran and career VA employee with over 20 years of exemplary federal service, she is a constant and strong advocate for our nation’s Veterans, fulfilling VA’s mission and demonstrating VA’s core values. She has always pressed to modernize, improve, and streamline organizational change initiatives, as evidenced by her leadership through strategic and transformational delivery of numerous large-scale enterprise modernization initiatives enabling and enhancing interoperability solutions for accessibility to and delivery of prompt, effective, and safe healthcare and benefits for our Veterans, service members, their beneficiaries, and caregivers.  

Cournoyer holds a master’s degree in military art and science from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Bachelor of Science in business information systems management from Eastern Connecticut State University and an associate degree in public relations from Three Rivers Community College.

Director, Data and Interoperability EHRM-IO, VA
Matthieu Jonglez
Matthieu Jonglez
VP Technology, Application & Data Platform, Progress|MarkLogic

Dr. Laura Prietula (pruh-TOO’-lah) is the Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) for VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office. In that role, she is responsible for the technical implementation of VA’s modernized electronic health record (EHR) and for ensuring bidirectional communication with the clinical and technical staff at local sites to effectively transition to using this new ecosystem in the delivery of safe health care. She works with the Office of Information and Technology (OIT) to ensure sustainability and responsive customer support for the new EHR.

Prior to her appointment as acting DCIO in December 2021, Dr. Prietula was the executive director for the OIT Health Portfolio, where she was responsible for the product life cycle and IT software development activities delivering health care, benefits and services. Prietula also worked in the Veterans Experience Office as acting executive director for Multi-Channel Technology, where she led systemwide transformations, such as COVID-19 Chatbot and Clinical Trial registration and VA Profile (ensuring a 360-degree view of the customer profile) and established the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Profiles used in the modernized EHR, where her primary goals were focused on customer experience (patient, Veteran, family and employees) and positive adoption of new technologies.

Through her over 15 years in VA, she has led enterprise initiatives such as Enrollment System Redesign, Combat Veterans, Identity and Access Management, Veterans Benefits Administration integration with VHA processes, Affordable Care Act, Choice Act, Caregivers, MISSION Act and Contact Center modernization, where she successfully worked across the department and with other agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Communications Commission and Social Security Administration.

Dr. Prietula brings more than 28 years of leadership, organizational change management, strategic planning, integration, engineering and customer experience insights from both the private and public sectors. She participates in many federal committees and workgroups to improve data sharing, promote data analytics, enhance customer experiences and incorporate the use of new technologies.

Dr. Prietula has worked in the health, manufacturing, financial and services industries since 1993. She has an exceptional background in conducting disruptive innovations to transform customer benefits delivery, create business synergies and maximize business results.

Dr. Prietula holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM Mexico) a master’s degree in decision and information sciences from the University of Florida, and a doctorate in education (EdD) in leadership and learning in organizations from Vanderbilt University.

Deputy CIO, Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office, VA
Jonathan White
Jonathan White
Cloud and Data Branch Chief, Coast Guard