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Federal Approach to AI Infrastructure and the Workforce

Many discussions about infrastructure in federal technology center around physical infrastructure — the hardware, software and, of course, the personnel necessary to maintaining and managing all IT operations. But for artificial intelligence, discussions pivot to include more theory and soft skills. This Deep Dive features discussions from federal leaders on the backbones that make up a federal agency's approach to AI.


Download this Deep Dive to learn more about:

  • Ethical AI and the Department of Health and Human Services' new trustworthy AI framework.
  • Key steps leaders at HHS, NASA and the Defense Department are taking to implement AI.
  • How data management and interoperability enable AI to succeed.
Deep Dive
Deep Dive


Headshot of Maj. Andrew Armstrong
Maj. Andrew Armstrong
Chief of Data Integration, Kessel Run, U.S. Air Force
Headshot of Qi Duan
Qi Duan
Program Director, Division of Health Informatics Technologies, NIH
Headshot of Rafael Fricks
Rafael Fricks
Lead AI tech sprints coordinator, VA
Headshot of Diana Gehlhaus
Diana Gehlhaus
Research Fellow, Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Georgetown University
Headshot of Pamela Isom
Pamela Isom
Director, Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office, U.S. Department of Energy
Headshot of Dr. Amy Justice
Dr. Amy Justice
Public Health Professor, Yale University; Leading Clinical Epidemiologist, VA
Headshot of Laura Kurup
Laura Kurup
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Headshot of Oki Mek
Oki Mek
Chief AI Officer, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Headshot of Michael Sellitto
Michael Sellitto
Human-Centered AI Deputy Director, Stanford University
Headshot of Brett Vaughn
Brett Vaughn
Chief AI Officer, U.S. Navy
Headshot of Jonathan Weiner
Jonathan Weiner
Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Population Health IT
Headshot of David Womble
David Womble
AI Program Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory