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The agency is creating datasets to foster artificial intelligence development through private-public partnerships.

The CIO pitches a strategy to uniformly modernize an otherwise federated and globally dispersed agency.

Incorporating outcome data into AI models can lead to continuous improvement.

Agency leaders are looking to apply artificial intelligence to create profiles that enable personalized and responsive care.

The new assistant director brings artificial intelligence background to the agency.

The agency aims to explore the value of artificial intelligence in clinical applications.

Efforts underway are aimed at delivering better and more efficient care to veterans.

The principles are the latest move in an executive branch push for AI benefitting all Americans.

An agency leader described how data has helped mitigate financial fraud and manage grants funds.

Government and industry leaders predict 'the rise of the CDO' and more.

Although emerging technologies can benefit the economy, experts argue for diverse solutions to protect workers.

The agency’s human capital managers see greater employee morale and new recruitment as essential to services.

The agency's new initiative incorporates AI and machine-learning capabilities to advance health research.

AI moves beyond 'just an IT issue' as it shows potential to transform workforce, veterans and health fields.

The Congressional AI Caucus stands out as an example of bipartisanship and leveraging interest to promote knowledge.

VA and DHA heads prioritize end users throughout the research, development and collaboration going into AI.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence processes require a pragmatic, mission-focused approach to innovation.

IT leaders recommend identifying use cases to apply the technology.

The department is committed to applying breaking methods in data analytics to further HHS’ public health missions.

HHS is making strides in innovating its cybersecurity posture through its approach to recurrent neural networks and beyond.

Automation processes first need a solid foundation for the management of data.

With a senior-level AI position on the horizon, the agency explores opportunities and legal questions around the technology.

VA representatives emphasized private-public partnerships and tying research initiatives to improving business lines.

The Pentagon may lead the world in AI standards with new approaches to artificial intelligence.

From address collection to mobile self-response, the U.S. Census Bureau is leveraging big data.

HHS hopes to change how the agency buys with technology.

Agencies are implementing data analytics tools and automated tech services to attract, retain and improve overall engagement…

The agency has outlined a dedication to fostering technical advances through a methodical approach to IT.

An upcoming tool currently in beta will streamline the processes for users filing and monitoring patent applications.