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Agencies managing the immigration process find value in data management priorities within digitization efforts.

The cloud empowers FEMA to address efforts around climate, resilience and readiness.

The combination of vision and senior leadership along with goal setting leads to a transformed business.

DOD and VA leaders unpack their workforce priorities as the technology landscape expands.

Agencies are creating an in-house foundation of expertise and processes needed for advanced projects.

Join our senior researchers for a recap of our most recent virtual event.

Enabling data access, collection and protection can augment manual processes and keep systems secure.

An ICE call center is streamlining surges in case volumes received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three of the agency’s biggest tech offices will all report to the new role.

The agency has undertaken a cultural shift to implement new shared data visualization efforts supporting its mission.

The service's tech chief is charting a path to multi-domain operations.

Drew Myklegard and Eileen Vidrine join OMB OFCIO to support cybersecurity, data and IT modernization priorities.

The playbook looks to promote ethical and successful AI adoption across HHS.

The agency’s newly released LGY roadmap lays out investment in APIs, centralized dashboards designed to streamline the homebuying…

The department is implementing its AI strategy to improve data efforts and veteran solutions.

A new Chief Digital and AI Officer will streamline and build upon AI efforts across DOD like those in the Air Force.

Federal agencies are focusing on data interoperability and knowledge-sharing partnerships to support increasingly advanced…

Oki Mek shares how the agency is gearing up data efforts for a collaborative approach to AI.

Regular user surveys and constant monitoring go a long way.

JAIC is hopeful an increase in AI opportunities will enable the services to leave behind a hardware past and embrace a software…

As an early adopter of zero trust, the agency’s cyber chief clarifies some misconceptions.

Interoperability in cross-agency EHRs rely on close internal collaboration.

Federal leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities around the technology for nationwide security issues.

Use cases for the technology are enabling full national security protections across government.

AI workforce experts highlight the importance of diversity and robust education development to foster a stronger AI workforce.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capacities are allowing analysts to produce quicker, more streamlined assessments.