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The agency follows a collection of guiding principles that include secure and modernized systems to accomplish an extensive data…

As data collection expands at the tactical edge, the service wants commercial cloud capabilities and cloud-based collaboration…

Federal health IT leaders highlight how training the workforce, recognizing business needs and building trust are key for…

DISA and the Air Force invest in emerging technology to enhance user experience and maintain a secure network.

Human capital management improvements at the agency are enabling cost and time savings for the workforce.

A product line management approach is ensuring better use of resources and cost savings across the agency.

The former Lyft and Dropbox machine learning executive will serve as DOD's chief digital and artificial intelligence officer…

Cloud leaders address how they’re transitioning to hybrid cloud environments.

The agency's product line management vision is seeing value with new efforts driving culture change.

The agency's veteran readiness division lead explains new digital tools that are improving veteran employment services.

VA is accelerating data visualization and management practices to support veteran services.

Joseph Thele and Mark Ricciardi explain how they plan to modernize VA HR systems.

Modernizing systems for more mobile environments can ensure efficient applications of AI and biometrics in tandem to pinpoint…

The Navy is using ICAM and other tools to prepare its IT landscape for the new technology standard.

Data leader Susan Gregurick discusses how the agency is improving data sharing and usability for biomedical research.

Internal consultation on use cases, integration within existing services allows agencies to best position new capacities to…

The Navy utilizes multiple training platforms to onboard a talent pool across its three domains of business, readiness and…

NYU built a data hub to centralize cancer center data and enable modern analytics and data-driven in biomedical research.

VA announces suicide prevention challenge, and synthetic data could improve outcomes.

DOL CIO explains how TMF is supporting digitization and data modernization initiatives.

VA is looking to make data more interoperable to populate insights via dashboards and inform pandemic next steps.

VA interoperability lead Ken Rubin discusses a new data platform that’s improving data discovery and sharing.

The rule will outline API standards for payer-to-payer data exchanges of health information.

Rafael Fricks is working on efforts to make artificial intelligence impactful for reducing clinician burdens and improving how…

VA is improving data management to enhance veteran health care and services.

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors collect enormous swaths of data. AI can help prioritize data loads…

Join our senior researchers for a break down of federal zero trust perspectives and priorities.

DOD overcomes fear of innovation in the digital space and starts to embrace emerging technologies and tools in AI and DevSecOps.

GSA, NSF and VA are improving data sharing to gain near real-time insights and support cross-agency collaboration.

A new program aims to change the way we think about dietary needs and impacts.