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With an uptick of mental health disorders during the pandemic, officials are scaling up tech to meet demand for care.

FDA is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accelerate scientific and regulatory decisions.

The report calls upon DOD to divest from legacy weapons systems to focus on emerging tech.

Artificial intelligence, facial recognition and machine learning could streamline and accelerate technology amid the pandemic.

The group advocated for a U.S. Digital Services Academy and National Reserve Digital Corps.

The defense organization is also exploring AI testing, digital engineering and the formation of a Space Advisory Committee.

Preparing data for AI use and ensuring all service members are able to leverage data are key.

The command's new leader highlights priorities for the Army's modernization efforts.

The Joint Trauma System is scaling to build a COVID-19 registry.

The agency is merging IT developments with patient outcomes and bridging the interoperability gap.

Using artificial intelligence to facilitate biomedical research and combat the pandemic.

The agency is moving quickly toward a cloud-native model supported by an agile development framework.

Standing up technology in support of FEMA's mission.

The agency has multiple research and development programs using artificial intelligence for biomedical imaging and data-…

DHS and DARPA are using AI to address public health concerns.

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With a central data hub, the Military Health System can gain visibility and usability with health data.

Cross-agency partnerships and remote collaboration tools are encouraging knowledge sharing and practical application.

DNA analysis with electronic medical records can improve health outcomes for the U.S. population.

The challenges of the pandemic have only reinforced the importance of using data insights to improve patient care.

For many agencies, extended telework policies may require reevaluation of cyber risk posture.

Senior officials from DHS, DOJ and the FBI say smart data practices help them telework more efficiently.

As weather patterns change rapidly, the federal agency looks to update data for its flood analysis more quickly and efficiently.

The agency is using cloud services and other resources to help researchers access data and meet virtually.

Delivering data 'at the speed of need' requires more visibility and usability.

AI is helping to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of funds.

Thundercat Technology and NetApp go over key strategies for federal agencies looking to adopt AI.

Applying data analytics to predicting and preventing the shortage of vital medical equipment.

CIO Gary Washington has been seen as a leader in various IT modernization initiatives, including cloud and security.

The agency is coupling API development with a focus on human-centered design to lay the groundwork for both current modernization…