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An Army Research Lab study found a gap in the practical application of artificial intelligence in that people don’t trust it.

Floor demonstrations and announcements include a cybersecurity best practices guide, wearable devices and more.

New efforts would require healthcare entities to offer immediate electronic access by 2020 and to make shopping for care easier with price transparency.

The executive order will guide U.S. development in artificial intelligence, plus other news.

With a sign for a new wave for AI performing certain jobs, government agencies see value in bots.

The department is looking for innovative vendors to streamline purchasing, eliminate redundant contracts and provide purchasers with real-time data.

And it’s partnering with researchers to find out how to detect them, plus other news.

One study is the latest in a series of efforts to use AI to address mental health concerns.

Replacing repetitive tasks with automation can repurpose feds to higher-value work.

The Department of Health and Human Services aims to transform business processes with artificial intelligence in new request for proposals.