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FDA published its Cybersecurity Modernization Plan, the fifth "MAP" in a years-long effort that began in 2019.

VA is turning to data standards to improve health care as more veterans use personal health monitoring devices.

The Pentagon's Chief Digital and AI Office will focus on enabling AI at the combatant command-level in 2023.

AI and edge computing could help service members in combat zones endure through difficult circumstances.

White House legislation prompted VA to accelerate diversity strategies across the enterprise and ensure equitable service…

AI, zero trust and software modernization highlight an unclassified version of the Defense Department's defense strategy.

These principles can enable any organizations to develop a culture of innovation amid digital modernization efforts.

A series of research initiatives use artificial intelligence to better understand the long-term impacts of traumatic brain injury.

The collaborative document aims to keep AI ethical and equitable while standardizing best practices at the federal level.

Responsible, resilient and robust AI is an absolute necessity for the Air Force to compete and win on the global stage.

Digitization is key for trimming unwieldy pen-and-paper processes, improving patient care and health workers' morale.

Army is taking a cross-government, multi-nation approach to securing cyber at speed.

Army has become more data-centric but still has a long way to go

Showing leadership the value of supply chain risk management is key for better cybersecurity and fewer cyber incidents.

A joint HRSA-ONC initiative is supporting interoperability and data exchange.

CISA's new directive aims to improve asset visibility and allow to manage cybersecurity risks federal agencies face.

Data standards and governance determine federal agencies's readiness for zero trust.

The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.

Investments in technical modernization, caretaking resources appear to be benefiting veterans in crisis.

DOL CTO Sanjay Koyani says user experience is guiding the agency’s IT modernization.

Reducing technical debt, ensuring zero trust cybersecurity across all connected systems, and developing a strong data foundation…

Complex data integration is helping researchers and clinicians understand the origins of TBI – and how to better treat it.

RPA and AI enables a widespread data fabric to provide cleaner and more secure access to data.

SEC, USPTO and GAO use automation to maximize operations by reducing repeated tasks and optimize workflows.

Public health researchers are developing methods for better detecting and predicting dangerous forms of cancer.

VA is using new capacities like artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve treatment for conditions ranging from…

CISA said moving to hybrid cloud also reduces cybersecurity complexity.

Government is beginning to adopt AI tools to expedite its obligation of records transparency.

The Defense Department sees great advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to supporting its…

VA is collaborating with industry partners to develop innovative health care solutions and innovations.