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Agency leadership say the tool is helping fight serious crime more quickly and accurately.

Two Defense Innovation Board studies aim to shed light on overcoming some of DOD's biggest challenges to modernization.

Agencies will see more benefits as well as challenges with the adoption of AI into 2024 and beyond.

Government is on a mission to address health disparities and close gaps through technology.

Zero trust, AI and hybrid cloud were on the minds of defense tech leaders this year.

The agency is working with industry, local agencies and other federal agencies to use emerging tech to better protect networks…

Andrew Hong shares how the organization is thinking about key cybersecurity technologies for priorities in the Indo-Pacific…

Health agencies are tasked with implementing the Biden plan to responsibly use AI. Do health leaders think it will work?

The AI tech chief outlines new adoption strategy that prioritizes quality data.

NIH NITAAC Deputy Director credits AI with speeding up program delivery through new technological breakthroughs.

The White House executive order develops standards for safety as the need for AI innovation grows.

A new executive order tasks agencies with creating standards for secure AI and developing 'game-changing cyber protections…

Within 90 days of the order, the Department of Health and Human Services must establish an AI task force.

VA and GSA are adapting their operations to tackle the new responsibilities

The institute sees the emerging technology supporting treatment for patients by better controlling tumor growth.

A new bill can help the industry and public grapple with integration of the technology ethically.

NCATS is preparing to roll out its latest plan to leverage emerging technologies, tackle translational barriers and encourage…

Analysts say the next phase of digital transformation will incorporate mission-focused and empathetic design in the age of AI.

AI and other technologies will enable military personnel to be better warfighters.

The government has long valued intellectual property, which accounts for about 41% of the nation's GDP.

Agencies are incorporating the technology into daily operations to improve data processing and broaden treatment options.

“We have to celebrate it, and we have to be sober about it at the same time,” Robert Silvers said.

Task forces and studies are part of the Defense Department’s increasing exploration of emerging technology.

The agency's new data and technology office's director is harnessing challenges for new opportunities in public health.

Officials say the technology is poised to transform health care with the right investment.

Francis O'Hearn highlights key technology strategies supporting innovation in the nation's coin production.

VA’s Dr. Carolyn Clancy discussed the six key principles underscoring the VA’s use of AI in veteran’s health care.

The Naval Center for Space Technology’s director highlights the programs and developments that are boosting Navy priorities.

Industry and federal partners are working on collaborations to transform the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

As agencies integrate more artificial intelligence into their operations, managing directives, policies and best practices into…