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The agency is working on the methodology behind implementing robust strategies to secure its systems and supply chain.

The military branches are coming together to make artificial intelligence capacities to support decision-making a reality.

Agency leaders are pushing forth on security strategies for zero trust architecture amid new guidance.

Cyber incident reporting takes center stage as federal cyber leaders tackle recent security incidents.

Clare Martorana wants to focus on cybersecurity, technology modernization and improved services to the American public.

New cloud efforts will enable unified but distinct military operations in joint domain operations.

Software supply chain risk management and continuous monitoring are key strategies for maintaining a strong cyber posture in the…

Zero trust and infrastructure security measures gain traction across government.

Tech modernization and the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed major agencies to embrace IT security that protects…

Federal cybersecurity leaders are seeking to protect critical assets through supply chain security and new standards.

The White House's cyber chief outlined some of his priorities as he works to stand up and define how the new office will…

Cybersecurity is a challenge in hybrid cloud environments with disparate missions.

The newly announced joint cyber effort is the latest in a series of new initiatives aimed at securing agencies, with CISA leading…

Best practices include multi-factor authentication and a 'least-privileged' model of managing mobile functions and…

From buzzword to White House imperative, zero trust can be a confusing but necessary concept for security strategies.

More education and information-sharing will boost the fight against ransomware, according to federal cyber leaders.

SolarWinds, CISA and the White House issued new information regarding the state of cyber and advised how to better secure…

Federal agencies can start by applying a zero trust security model to cloud operations.

As most agencies remain unchanged across their FITARA scores, Martorana wants to bolster cyber and TMF resources.

Agency leaders encourage more women to join the technical workforce.

Rob Wood's goals aim to uplift innovation, enablement, agility and flexibility.

Department of Homeland Security teams are working to make aging IT infrastructure interoperable and ready for 5G emerging…

A GSA IT modernization lead highlights importance of governance, security, training and more during all stages of cloud migration.

Eric Hysen brings his experience at USCIS to a reimagined office focused on cybersecurity and data management.

Easterly brings a plethora of offensive cyber and information warfare experience, suggesting a more aggressive cyber focus for…

Cyber vulnerabilities in federal agencies' supply chains aren't going away any time soon, and addressing them will take…

The system will ensure defense companies implement appropriate cybersecurity practices and processes.

Federal agencies have refined their cybersecurity practices to adapt to both newfound threats and the broad shift to remote work.

The Air Force and NSA veteran is charged with implementation of Biden's recent cyber executive order.