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The agency safeguards at least one-third of Americans’ personally identifiable information.

Following revelations of Russian interference, election officials must find a more secure system for the future.

We spotlight the change agents and what it takes to drive transformation in government.

To stay on top of global AI adoption, U.S. needs to invest in research and talent.

Rounding up IT and advanced tech-related news impacting government and industry.

Many federal tech leaders are somewhat confident their agency can fight off cyber threats.

Implementing orchestration frees up analysts’ time to respond to “sexier” alerts.

A DHS program helps federally-funded labs transition their technology to market.

The younger generation is more willing to participate in federal cybersecurity efforts.

Many devices in the IoT ecosystem remain unprotected.

A treasure trove of health data makes the department a primary target.

And next year’s goals include stronger interoperability, APIs and microservices

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