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Division Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran sees a growing cyber workforce and improved avenues of collaboration as key.

Two quantum computing programs are poised to help government tackle innovations and applications in quantum computing.

CISA encourages all organizations to report immediately and maintain consistent communication until cyber incidents are resolved.

There are special tools to help organizations protect their infrastructures from malicious Russian cyber activity.

Defense officials described how zero trust, ICAM solutions, DevSecOps and common data standards will optimize JADC2…

The zero trust prototype will attempt to harmonize existing security solutions for a cloud-first environment.

The zero trust prototype will attempt to harmonize existing security solutions for a cloud-first environment.

New EHR modernization leads discuss the unified approach driving the program's next steps.

There are underlying biases that impact levels of recruitment ultimately affecting the cybersecurity workforce.

DOL CIO explains how TMF is supporting digitization and data modernization initiatives.

CISA encourages federal agencies to adopt a zero trust approach to cybersecurity to prevent cyberattacks.

The Department of the Army remains focused on identity and mobility within a zero trust environment as employees continue to…

Network modernization efforts gain a large amount of momentum after Navy releases Information Superiority Vision document in 2020…

The spending boost and new requirement come as U.S. critical infrastructure sectors prepare for more cyberattacks.

DevSecOps continues to bring change to government's culture and approach to security.

Modeled after DOD's Platform One, a new enterprise-class hosting service is enabling faster development.

Vendors need to be connected to maintain security between all end points and service providers.

Tackling identity management within a zero trust strategy requires a culture shift.

The recent executive order has given shape to a broader move across federal agencies away from a reliance on perimeter security.

CISA Director Jen Easterly encouraged critical infrastructure organizations and federal agencies to aggressively shore up cyber…

Join our senior researchers for a behind-the-scenes look at current IRS projects.

Organizations should treat zero trust like a mindset rather than as a set of rules or tools.

Tools like software bills of materials can improve software supply chain visibility and security.

Enabling data access, collection and protection can augment manual processes and keep systems secure.

The Department of Labor is taking a close look at principles of its cloud strategy to enable zero trust.

Cyber organizations are adopting zero trust and access management solutions to combat new ransomware threats.

Establishing security requirements at the beginning of the software development life cycle is key.

After a pause in the program, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification will now fall under the DOD Office of the Chief…

The initiative will help defense leaders develop more aggressive cyber defenses.

Noga breaks down the goals that drive his IT leadership.