CXO Tech Forum: Eye on AI Big Data in Government in Review

CXO Tech Forum: Eye on AI Big Data in Government in Review

CXO Tech Forum Artificial Intelligence
CXO Tech Forum Artificial Intelligence
December 12, 2018 | The View of DC, Arlington, VA
GovernmentCIO Media's CXO Tech Forum: AI & Big Data in Government at the Observation Deck at CEB Tower gathered government and industry leaders to discuss artificial intelligence challenges and opportunities. Speakers and panelists included experts from the Army Research Laboratory, Defense Innovation Unit, Food and Drug Administration, Health and Human Services, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

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The president of GovernmentCIO Media, Michael Hoffman speaks to the assembled attendees.

Molly Cain, DHS's former director of Venture, Innovation and Engagement, talks with Dr. Alexander Kott about the investments the Army is making in AI and machine learning research.

A discussion about "Mission Lisa" and what it takes to analyze real-time open source data to better allocate and apply resources for aggressive opioid interventions and other crises.

NASCAR is using artificial intelligence imagery analysis that can help government operate more efficiently. With big data management and analysis, the need for speed and rational accuracy is…

Todd Myers, Automation Lead at NGA, Mike Olson, CSO at Cloudera, and Mike Madsen, a director at the Defense Innovation Unit discuss some of the most pressing challenges presented by AI.

Roselie Bright, FDA Project Manager, Sezin Palmer an executive with JHU-APL, Don Rucker, HHS and George Chambers, also with HHS addressed AI opportunities for government.

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