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The agency has implemented flexible technological capabilities to support ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.

Effects of the pandemic on the workforce are pushing the Air Force's digital modernization efforts.

NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.

Federal leaders reflect on the benefits of cloud for ongoing telework capabilities.

A senate committee is considering current temporary COVID-19 telehealth expansion policies in a more permanent capacity in the…

The MISSION Act led to improved reporting of staffing and vacancy data at the agency.

Federal CIOs hope to maintain telework capabilities, as well as cloud and scalable solution adoption in a post-pandemic work…

Telehealth, beneficiaries claims processing and the adoption of shared digital solutions were commonly seen across government.

The agency's IT shop accomplished several technological advancements to support the nation and its veterans.

The multi-cloud, DevOps-oriented approach is working to improve military health delivery during the pandemic.

Recently implemented telework measures are allowing the agency to focus on the Cerner transition despite challenges in pandemic.

Although the agency paused MHS Genesis deployment during the pandemic, leaders have continued progressing health record…

Increasing bandwidth early let the agency's workforce easily adjust to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agency released new data on COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and tactics that will support infection control.

Preemptive stand-up of teleconferencing and easing employee work with IT helped the agency to go fully remote within days.

COVID-19 has highlighted opportunities in public policy and supporting public-private efforts.

The agency has accelerated and reinforced various modernization efforts like telehealth, mobile capabilities and self-service…

AI, data and cyber are focus areas that will secure HHS IT and prevent fraud, waste and abuse of funds.

The project exemplifies the direction the center is taking to make AI operational across the Defense Department.

Digital technologies can enhance how clinicians care for mental illnesses.

National security efforts include means to protect and coordinate with the nation's first responders.

Mobile apps play an important role in telemedicine and mental health.

Cross-collaboration and changes to acquisition are key as priorities shift.

In recognition of mental health awareness, tech has much potential during the pandemic's self-isolation practices.

Agency leadership is accelerating work on cloud adoption and remote information management to meet new challenges presented…

The acting CIO shared insights into the agency's pandemic response and lessons learned so far.

Federal leaders emphasize the role of data in vaccine and treatment development, economic relief funding and contact tracing.

The Veterans Health Administration is taking a centralized, data-informed approach to the distribution of vital equipment amidst…

Data-mining techniques will allow health researchers to sharpen COVID-19 literature and clinical trial database search results.