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Veterans Legacy Memorial was one project resulting from a collaboration between VA and NCA.

The department has been recognized this year for successes in cloud and telework.

Automation, Agile and DevOps could be the blueprints for IT modernization.

A new report lists the biggest weaknesses in the ICT supply chain and what private and federal IT leaders can do to eliminate…

Health information consolidation is laying groundwork for public health advances

The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in biotech manufacturing and the global supply chain.

Modern technology has the power to overcome clinical trial participation challenges.

A cohesive data strategy will guide both health records modernization and improvements in lifelong care.

The department released an action plan to address health care and technological disparities facing rural communities in response…

Technology plays a critical role in addressing significant mental health challenges for cancer patients during the pandemic.

The largest public research university in Virginia is depending heavily on virtual learning, and these changes may be here to…

Efforts currently underway to improve rural health care and treatment access will help support future efforts to end the pandemic.

The Army's telehealth resource center applied remote health technologies used on the battlefield to address COVID-19.

FDA's post-surveillance methods ensure the continued safety of a vaccine through the collection and monitoring of health…

The agency prioritizes IT developments amid shifts in workforce and health care.

Safeguarding public health and managing care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The demands of a sudden remote work shift have fostered an integrated approach to cybersecurity.

A task force leveraged FEMA's cloud to centralize medical stockpile data and inform the nation's supply chain…

Federal leaders are implementing and advocating for advancements in digital health technology.

Digital services leaders quickly pivoted to develop tools that better serve veterans during the pandemic.

The NIH institute serves a critical role in supporting researchers studying COVID-19.

The long-term technological dependence agencies face amid the pandemic highlights the need to invest in modernization.

Looking ahead to the future of American health care.

NIH, HHS are looking to advance data sharing and openness as a means for advancing health management.

New legislation and efforts at HHS are looking at reporting standards for all levels of government.

The Department of Homeland Security is leading research efforts to assist, inform and prepare the public to respond to COVID-19.

Rep. Michael Burgess' own health care focuses have shifted in light of the pandemic.

With an uptick of mental health disorders during the pandemic, officials are scaling up tech to meet demand for care.

FDA is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accelerate scientific and regulatory decisions.

Technical advances are improving customer experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.