Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

GovernmentCIO Media & Research accepts writing contributions for our website in the form of feature stories or guest columns. Our editors are interested in manuscripts inclusive of viewpoints and aim to build our database of experts from those with the following perspectives in the U.S. federal technology space:

  • Operational experience improving and modernizing IT

  • Insight on the use of private-sector technologies and processes to benefit the public good

  • Insight or experience of digital transformations of technology programs and tools at federal agencies

  • Practical applications of Agile or DevOps

  • Insight on cybersecurity, including technology efforts in the realm of national security

  • Impact or potential impact of emerging technologies

  • Workforce-related efforts including reskilling and recruitment of IT and cybersecurity professionals

Writer Requirements

Must have working knowledge of basic issues related to federal government IT, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, health care, cybersecurity, data and modernization. Must also have the ability to pursue interviews and/or write articles independently.

Submission Guidelines

Along with their drafts, writers should submit headlines, personal headshot, personal bio and any other illustrations supporting material relevant to the article. With your submission, you acknowledge that you have the rights to distribute such material.


Online submissions usually run up to 800 words.

Formatting Your Document

Medium: All copy should be submitted in a Word doc.

Font/Spacing: All articles should be formatted using Arial set to size 12. Do not leave a blank line under each paragraph. No double-spacing after sentences.

Headline: You must provide at least one headline option. (More than one is greatly appreciated.)

Supporting materials: Photos, graphics, charts or other related illustrations supporting submitted work should be sent separately from the written draft. Include caption information at the bottom of the draft.

File Name: Please use the following format for naming your file: GCIO_monthyear_title.doc. An example for a feature on blockchain in August would be: GCIO_0816_blockchain.doc

Style Rules

AP Style: We follow Associated Press (AP) style guide for all articles.

Acronyms: Acronyms are spelled out completely on first use, with each noun of the acronym capitalized, followed by the acronym in parentheses. The acronym can be presented by itself after first use.

Punctuation: We do not use the oxford comma.

Quotes: We use past-tense verbs (said instead of says).

Quote Length: Quotes should be no longer than three or four lines and only contain the most important elements of information.

Inserting Information in Quotes: To insert or alter words in a direct quotation use square brackets —[ ]— around the change.

Omitting Information from Quotes: Following AP’s punctuation guide, when condensing quotes, use an ellipsis with spaces before and after to indicate the deletion of one or more words.

Run-on Sentences/Comma Splices: Each sentence should convey one clear idea. Commas should be used sparingly. A general guideline is to use no more than four in one sentence, unless those commas are a part of a series.

Spacing: Only use single spaces after periods ending a sentence.


Content must be exclusive to GovernmentCIO Media & Research. We ask that authors not publish submitted content in other government technology publications for one month before and after publication at GovernmentCIO Media & Research. One week for company/association blogs.

Pitch Contact

Managing Editor Amy Kluber