Cancer HealthCast with the National Cancer Institute on Cancer Care Innovation

Cancer HealthCast with the National Cancer Institute on Cancer Care Innovation

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Cancer Care Innovation

In 2021, GovCIO Media & Research collaborated with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to bring you a HealthCast miniseries commemorating the 50th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, the legislation which launched the "war on cancer." In early 2022, President Biden announced a reignition of the 2016 Cancer Moonshot program, with the goal of reducing the cancer death rate by half within 25 years. Follow along to our continuing series to understand the latest breakthroughs in cancer survivorship and care.

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Frank Perna, Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Health researchers are applying psychology and emerging technologies to help better track melanoma incidents, assess UV exposure and promote sun safety policies in schools.
Steve Friedman, Senior Advisor for Operations, NCI
The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program is kicking off new data initiatives to improve the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of cancer.
Satish Gopal, Director, Center for Global Health, NCI
The National Cancer Institute's Center for Global Health is embracing health equity and developing new technologies to advance cancer research and decrease cancer deaths worldwide.
Danielle Carnival, White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator
White House Cancer Moonshot Coordinator breaks down a flight path for the future of cancer care transformation.
Paige Green, Basic Biobehavioral and Psychological Science Branch
NCI is studying the relationship between cancer and aging to help survivors lead longer, healthier lives.
Robin Vanderpool, Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch
NCI is researching the role of telehealth in cancer care and developing best practices for continued integration.
Michael Weingarten, SBIR Development Center
The SBIR center takes a comprehensive approach to fostering underrepresented small businesses.
Dr. Emily Tonorezos, Office of Cancer Survivorship
The Office of Cancer Survivorship takes a comprehensive look at cancer survivor care.
Dr. Nirali Shah, Pediatric Oncology and Dr. Christine Heske, Pediatric Oncology
NCI is pushing the "bench to bedside" paradigm to bring medical advances into the clinic.
Dr. Joel Palefsky, University of California San Francisco and Dr. Robert Yarchoan, Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy
NCI's ANCHOR study discovered that early treatment of precancerous lesions can cut anal cancer rates by more than half in people with HIV.
Dr. Larissa Korde, Breast Cancer and Melanoma Therapeutics
An NCI study examines the crossroads between cancer and COVID-19 diagnoses.
Dr. Steven Rosenberg, Center for Cancer Research
A recent NCI study explores new immunotherapy treatment for metastatic breast cancer.
Dr. Doug Lowy, National Cancer Institute
The legislation set the foundation for the future of the war against cancer.
Dr. Lynne Penberthy, Cancer Control and Population Science and Candace Maynard, CIS
NCI’s SEER and CIS programs encourage ongoing engagement to further data sharing goals.
Dr. Henry Ciolino, Office of Cancer Centers and Dr. Robert Winn, VCU Massey Cancer Center
How NCI-designated cancer centers are supporting the national fight against cancer.
Tony Kerlavage, CBIIT and Jeff Shilling, National Cancer Institute and Michael Weingarten, SBIR Development Center
Data, communications tech, next-gen DNA sequencing and more have helped accelerate NCI's mission over the past 50 years.
Dr. Brigitte Widemann, Pediatric Oncology and Dr. Malcolm Smith, Pediatric Oncology
In this episode of our National Cancer Act 50th anniversary miniseries, we dive into how NCI is fighting pediatric cancers.
Dr. Philip Castle, Cancer Prevention and Dr. Lori Minasian, Cancer Prevention
In this latest episode of the National Cancer Act miniseries, we discuss progress in cancer prevention research and practice.
Dr. Worta McCaskill-Stevens, Community Oncology and Prevention Trials Research Group and Dr. Sanya Springfield, Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
Making the fight against cancer more equitable requires diversifying cancer research, clinical trials and treatments.
Dr. Meg Mooney, Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program and Dr. James Doroshow, Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
Clinical trials, innovation in research and technology have improved cancer treatment and diagnostics in public health.
Dr. Ned Sharpless, National Cancer Institute
We delve into the history of cancer in America and talk to NCI Director Dr. Ned Sharpless on NCI's work the past 50 years.
HealthCast dives into the history and progress of legislation that kicked off decades of cancer care research and innovation.