Raj Dolas Talks About USPTO's IT Transformation

USPTO's IT Transformation

The agency embraces open source, agile software development and DevOps.
Raj Dolas
Director, Office of Organization Policy and Governance, USPTO

When it comes to technology changing government, the Patent and Trademark Office's biggest shift over the past decade has been moving from a client-based user interface to a web-based one, according to Raj Dolas, director of the PTO's Office of Organization Policy and Governance.

"It's taken a foothold everywhere you go, where you want . . . a light client that uses a web browser as the primary user interface," he says. "The technologies that allow that to happen, a lot of them are open source. Browsers are open source, a lot of the frameworks you use to develop browser-based user interfaces are open source."

When it comes to other technology developments, Dolas says he's passionate about agile software development methodologies and overall DevOps. 

"The motto that I have in my office is we want to shift to the left in the software development life cycle," he says. 

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