Advanced Technology and the Future of Patient Care

Advanced Technology and the Future of Patient Care

Dr. Don Rucker
National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Cybersecurity is a leading global concern in a growing, modern and complex computer world. In terms of government, Don Rucker, the national coordinator for health information technology at the Health and Human Services Department, said that concern doesn’t vary much by agency.

“There are a lot of smart, unfortunately evil people in the world, and I think they're constantly looking for points of weaknesses,” Rucker told GovernmentCIO Media in an interview.

And while HHS continues to put the protection of health information at the forefront, Rucker is excited about the possibilities that disruptive technologies can have on health IT.

“What we’ve achieved to date is, we have a lot of electronic health records, electronic medical records everywhere,” he said “But we’re pretty early in actually using them for anything besides simple documentation, simple lab retrieval, and then of course, the whole business of billing.” He anticipates the technology’s ability to eventually change patient care.

Rucker also looks forward to the expansion of the open source movement, distributed computing and the internet of things, and their effect on health care.