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Defense Health Agency News and Analysis

News and analysis covering breaking developments and technological modernization at the Defense Health Agency. As the organization providing medical care to the entirety of the U.S. Armed Forces, DHA has considerable interest in advancing its treatment methods and broader care system. Active duty soldiers often face uniquely dire and pressing conditions that require intensive treatment, and DHA continues to endeavor to apply new technology to diagnostics, surgery and patient recovery.
The multi-cloud, DevOps-oriented approach is working to improve military health delivery during the pandemic.
Although the agency paused MHS Genesis deployment during the pandemic, leaders have continued progressing health record modernization alongside VA.
Mobile apps play an important role in telemedicine and mental health.
The Defense Health Agency and military officials are providing medical and technological personnel and resources across the country.
The officials report successful transition of MTFs to DHA and MHS GENESIS EHR deployments to House members.
Leaders from health agencies across government are progressing in applications for the technology.
Leadership is taking a behind-the-scenes approach to IT in the delivery of health care.
CIOs from DHA, HHS and CMS give the scoop on how they’re bolstering their agencies’ health IT.
2019 was full of new milestones for DHA in its health records modernization, medical treatment facility oversight and more.
VA and DHA heads prioritize end users throughout the research, development and collaboration going into AI.
The real potential for change is in meaningful implementation of new technologies.
The agency is aiming to complete its first objective toward the new model by the end of this year.
The agencies' collaboration will secure its success with their health care modernization efforts.
The division's upcoming contracts are eyeing rationalization, optimization, cost reduction and optimization.
The health agency is prioritizing these areas amid the many technological solutions DHA seeks.
A new approach to training service providers is essential to bake cybersecurity into health care.
Officials from the VA and beyond engage the community for feedback on their most pressing IT issues.
The electronic health record initiative is progressing toward the Nellis wave next year.
Major advances include automated appointment reminders and online prescription refills.
DHA leaders discuss the first wave of the new defense electronic health record.